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Vanden Borre physically ready to play

TUESDAY, 3 DECEMBER 2019, 21:31

OTHER Anthony Vanden Borre is back on his weight, Michael Verschueren said that during his TV appearance at La Tribune and Extra Time. Only he is still affiliated with TP Mazembe and therefore he is not allowed to play in Belgium, nor any U21 matches.
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"Two or three reinforcements"


INTERVIEWS RSC Anderlecht will strengthen themselves during the winter mercato. Michael Verschueren does not want to explain which profiles the transfer committee has on its wish list. But there will certainly be reinforcements. And for that there would also be the necessary money, according to the sports director. Read more »

"Kompany didn't want Odjidja"


TRANSFERS According to sports journalist Hans Vandeweghe, Vadis Odjidja was about to go to Anderlecht in the summer. Until Vincent Kompany decided that he didn't need Vadis. That is what Vandeweghe said yesterday in 'De Tribune' on Radio 1. Read more »

Belgian Cup: Visser leads Mouscron - Anderlecht

Belgian Cup: Visser leads Mouscron - Anderlecht

OTHER Anderlecht don't have much time to recover from the events at the Versluys Arena. After all, Thursday Mouscron is waiting in the context of the eighth final of the Cup of Belgium. The Purple & White will move to Le Canonnier for that match, where Lawrence Visser will take charge of the game. Read more »

Trebel and Sandler back for cup game?

Trebel and Sandler back for cup game?

INJURIES There is a chance that Adrien Trebel will make his appearance next Thursday for the cup match against Mouscron. The Frenchman's rehabilitation after his operation went well and he has also resumed group training. Philippe Sandler remains a question mark. Read more »

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