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Ashimeru: "I am very happy here"

SATURDAY, 10 APRIL 2021, 23:21

INTERVIEWS Majeed Ashimeru feels good at RSC Anderlecht. He certainly would be interested in an extended stay, but first he wants to help the club in Play-off 1. He will consider what the future will bring afterwards.
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"Performance to be proud of"


INTERVIEWS Yari Verschaeren stayed with the Red Devils during the international break. He did not play in the international games. The midfielder emphasizes that a stay with the national team is primarily a good learning experience where you can learn a lot, even if you don't play. Read more »

Defour will stop at the end of the season

Defour will stop at the end of the season

OTHER The passage of Steven Defour at RSC Anderlecht was difficult from the start. Even before anything was really clear, the supporters' resistance was huge. In his farewell movie there is (minimal) room for purple and white. Defour will stop playing football at the end of this season. Read more »

RSCA - Club Brugge

  • 1. Nmecha, Lukas
  • 2. Ait El Hadj, Anouar
  • 3. Mykhaylichenko, Bogdan

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