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"Vranjes has qualities"

Michaël Verschueren did not say it in so many words, but Ognjen Vranjes is allowed to leave at RSC Anderlecht. Although the sports director emphasizes that it has nothing to do with the qualities of Vranjes on the field. Read more »

"Protecting key players and youth"

Players may also leave in the transfer period. Whoever that is, Michaël Verschueren did not want to put a name on it. What is certain, the key players and the youth are not allowed to leave. Even though that often depends on the player himself. Read more »


"We're looking for reincorcement in the attack"

It was actually a press conference for Peter Zulj, but inevitably Michaël Verschueren also received questions about possible transfers. RSC Anderlecht are still looking for reinforcement in the front and maybe even more, although that is to be seen. Read more »

Vranjes does not want to leave

Vranjes does not want to leave

Whether or not he is training back in the meantime is not entirely clear, but RSC Anderlecht says that Ognjen Vranjes is not unlawfully absent. It is clear that purple-white no longer counts on the Bosnian, although he thinks - according to his manager - otherwise: "Ognjen remains". Read more »


Rutten: "This hurts"


After the match against Ghent, Fred Rutten admitted that the defeat was hard. He also immediately shared his wish that some quality might be added. The Dutchman is aware that there is still work to be done to achieve play-off 1. Read more »

Obradovic: "Rutten believes in me"


Before the winter break you saw Ivan Obradovic only with the Reserves. Yesterday he was again at the kickoff with the first team. The Serb is particularly delighted that he got a new chance from Fred Rutten: "Because I'm still the same player." Read more »


Zetterberg: "I like to advise the youngsters"


Pär Zetterberg has been working at Anderlecht for several weeks now. And the Swede gives himself completely because every night he is knocked out. Zetterberg is mainly occupied with the youngsters: "I like to give them advice." Read more »

"There is quality in this team"

Frank Arnesen already suggested that not too many reinforcements should be expected. How does coach Fred Rutten see that? Does he have enough quality to resume the competition or does he still want an extra striker? Read more »


Trebel: "I'm not turning my back on Bayat"


When Mogi Bayat was in the cell for several weeks in the 'Clean Hands' case, Adrien Trebel made the handcuffing gesture on the field to support the agent. Even now, the Frenchman continues to support his agent: "I do not turn my back on Bayat". Read more »

"Vranjes has his qualities as a football player"

And then there is still Ognjen Vranjes. According to Michaël Verschueren still "sick" in bed. As a result, there has not been a real conversation with the Bosnian. Although that probably will not change much in the situation: Vranjes may leave Read more »



LDH: 'Zulj signs today'

LDH: 'Zulj signs today'

The transfer of Peter Zulj is in a final phase. La Dernière Heure learned about this in the entourage of the player. The French-speaking newspaper knows that Zulj is currently in Belgium and is currently undergoing medical tests. Read more »


'Anderlecht talks to Austrian Zulj'

'Anderlecht talks to Austrian Zulj'

According to reports from Austria, Anderlecht are in talks with Peter Zulj. The 25-year-old Zulj is a number ten that completely unfolded in the past year. He became Austrian international and also enjoys interest from Italy. Read more »

Kara: "I don't dream of England anymore"


Kara Mbodj is back and we know it. He is not only present in the communication of the club, he also applies immediately internally. "I am a leader, I will teach the young players how to deal with the expectations that belong to Anderlecht." Read more »

Teodorczyk: "No one told me I had to leave"


In the Polish press Lukasz Teodorczyk comes back on his departure at Anderlecht last summer. The striker is not happy with how things were done at the time. "Players with a high wage had to leave, but nobody came to tell me something." Read more »