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"Negotiations are going in the right direction"

Yari Verschaeren is currently staying with the national U19, but Johan Walem, national coach of the national U21, is also watching him. In the meantime, negotiations on a contract extension at RSC Anderlecht are continuing. According to Michaël Verschueren "it is going in the right direction". Read more »

"Verschaeren picks up intensity well"

Yari Verschaeren, still only 17, but still he carries the team and runs a lot every game. So we have to hope that the young midfielder stays fit, although Fred Rutten is not immediately afraid of that: "He picks up the intensity well". Read more »

"We are going to need Saelemaekers"

Alexis Saelemaekers is more on the bench than he would like. Under Hein Vanhaezebrouck he was a fixed value, now he is a sporadic substitute. Dennis Appiah advises the young defender and says he shouldn't despair yet. Read more »


"I am not important, Anderlecht is important"

Michael Verscheuren dropped last week that if RSC Anderlecht keeps this elan, Fred Rutten doesn't have to worry about his future. What does the coach think about this himself? He would rather not comment on it, "because I am not important," says Rutten, "Anderlecht is the most important right now, not me." Read more »

"Sometimes a bit of variety is better"

Originally a training session was scheduled for Tuesday morning. Fred Rutten decided to turn it into a team activity and went bowling with the whole group. Good for the group feeling, the coach added. Read more »

"A storm in a glass of water"

Last week there was a discussion between the coach and Pär Zetterberg. What is the relationship between the two men now? Fred Rutten puts the whole pile of things into perspective and says that everything is over as mature people among each other. Read more »


"I think the reward is a compliment"

Hugo Broos promised the players of KV Ostend one week of vacation if they grab a point against RSC Anderlecht. Fred Rutten sees this reward as a positive fact, meaning that Anderlecht are now somewhere again. Read more »


Obradovic: "Stop whistling at him"


On Sunday Antonio Milic was had been chosen above Elias Cobbaut who took a seat in the grandstand. Only Milic is not really good with the supporters and they showed that when he replaced Ivan Obradovic. The Serbian now stands up for Milic.

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Kums: "I work a lot on those phases with Zetterberg"


Sven Kums gave his team the victory with two goals, one with a shot from outside the sixteen and one with a free kick. Kums admits that he works a lot on those phases with Pär Zetterberg. Fred Rutten on the other hand was not very satisfied with the Swede.

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Gerkens: "I have to make space for Yari"


Pieter Gerkens is in the team again. He has been commissioned by coach Fred Rutten: he has to make room for Verschaeren. Something he also did well in the first half. Now it's looking forward to the ten finals in play-off 1. Read more »

"If coach confirms, he can stay"

RSC Anderlecht are sure of play-off 1. The first assignment of coachFred Rutten has therefore been successful. On to the next and that is bringing in European football. And afterwards? If the coach continues on this impulse, his position is not being discussed according to Michael Verschueren. Read more »


Obradovic: "Karma is a bitch"


Ivan Obradovic disappeared to the second team earlier this season. After the arrival of Fred Rutten he got a new chance and took it with both hands. The gentlemen who referred him to the second team are no longer there, Obradovic is: "How they treated me, they got it back as a boomerang." Read more »

Verschueren: "It is 'Much more'"


Yesterday it became known that RSC Anderlecht made a capital increase of 4.5 million euros. But according to Michel Verschueren that amount is higher, much higher even he let us know on twitter. Read more »

Walem: "Landry is a superpro"


Johan Walem, head coach of the national U21, is not worried about Landry Dimata. Normally, Dimata must become the attack leader at the upcoming European Championship, if he gets fit of course. Read more »

"Sunday is another final"

RSC Anderlecht are still not sure of play-off 1, for which it must continue to win, Sunday and next week. Coach Fred Rutten also realizes that and also looks at the match against Kortrijk as a final. Read more »

"I have spoken with Santini"

Ivan Santini likes to use his body, that was shown in two last games. Last Sunday Diaby got another blow in the face. Dangerous phases and especially if you know that Santini is the only remaining target striker at RSC Anderlecht. Fred Rutten also spoke with the Croatian. Read more »


"Vanhaezebrouck made me block"

Ryota Morioka and Anderlecht, it was not a successful marriage. In Het Nieuwsblad the Japanese looks back and tells what went wrong. In his eyes Hein Vanhaezebrouck is guilty, but the decision to leave fell only after a conversation with Fred Rutten.
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Rutten: "This is perhaps my most difficult job as a coach"


Fred Rutten has been a coach of Anderlecht for two months now. His hand is visible and the points are coming, but it is not really running smoothly yet. "I have a challenge with Anderlecht," he tells Sport / Voetbalmagazine. "This is perhaps my most difficult job as a coach until now." Read more »


Kara: "We have to win twice now"


Anderlecht have a big win in the battle for Play-Off 1 yesterday. Kara Mbodj also realizes that. "It was important to take the three points today, and two finals are waiting for us to win in order to reach Play-Off 1." Read more »