Jestrovic got robbed

WEDNESDAY, 19 NOVEMBER 2003, 15:38 - D.A.B.
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For the second time in one year, Nenad Jestrovic got robbed. The criminals took his expensive Mercedes, jewels and brand clothes. Nobody was at home when the burglars struck. There are no withnesses.

"All the mess... It looked like my appartment exploded" reacted Jestrovic. "It was probably the work of professionals. They entered through the back window and took all expensive things. They took off with my Mercedes 220 CDI that was parked in the street, right across the home of the American ambassador. Nobody noticed anything."

"Last year, I was the victim of a homejacking. That was even more scarry. Thank god my children weren't at home this time."

The good news was that Nenad was able to complete a few training sessions for the first time after his operation.

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