Léa-Siliki rejected Anderlecht, despite an agreement on club level

SATURDAY, 30 JANUARY 2021, 21:54 - lajoya
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TRANSFERS Before Anderlecht got Majeed Ashimeru, it had an agreement with Rennes about a loan of James Léa-Siliki. The Purple & White would rent the midfielder until June with a purchase option of four million euros. However, the 23-year-old player did not want to go to Anderlecht. That writes L'Equipe.

Rennes had a similar agreement with Genoa, but that club did not please Léa-Siliki either. In recent days Watford has shown interest, but now Rennes says no. The French club still needs money from Watford from a transfer from 2019 and wants to see those euros before talking about Léa-Siliki. There is also interest from Spain.

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