Lawrence: "I did everything e to get fit and then it was over"

TUESDAY, 7 APRIL 2020, 15:51 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Kemar Lawrence came to RSC Anderlecht in January. Due to problems with his papers, he arrived later than expected. Once arrived he did everything to get fit as quickly as possible and then everything changed due to COVID-19. Lawrence now follows the guidelines and remains fit "in his house".

"Once arrived, I worked hard to get fit," said Lawrence, "I was about to make my debut on the field and then suddenly everything changed with COVID-19. I now have my individual program and I follow it closely from home. "

"The trainers do everything to teach me the playing style of RSC Anderlecht and I am a good student," said the defender, "At the moment we don't know when we can play football again. I take the opportunity to bond with my family. "

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