Anderlecht takes three golden points

MONDAY, 4 MARCH 2019, 09:58 - lajoya
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GAMES In the battle for Play-Off 1, Anderlecht made an important victory. After the victory of Ghent yesterday, Anderlecht had to do the same in Lokeren to stay in the top six. Purple & White won with 1-2. It is actually approaching two points from third place.

Lokeren got the first chances through Cevallos and Saroka. The goal, however, fell on the other side. Appiah made meters on his wing, sent one good cross and Santini headed past Verhulst in goal: 0-1.

Lokeren was too devastated to respond. It came no further than a flight shot from Cevallos twenty minutes later. Anderlecht also played badly and we went into half-time with 0-1.

We got to see more in the second half. Verschaeren curled the leather first beside the goal and ten minutes later he appeared alone in front of Verhulst, but even then he did not manage to score. Substitute Gerkens did. Bolasie with the action, Milic with the fine cross and Gerkens headed past Verhulst. For Gerkens the fifth goal of the season.

Ten minutes before the end of the game, it became even more exciting when Lawrence let Cevallos score the 1-2. Lokeren went looking for the equalizer and postponement of execution, but in vain. Anderlecht won and Lokeren dropped after 23 years from the highest division. Anderlecht are in the wake of Standard, Antwerp and STVV and can look up again.

Score: 1-2
Goal (s): 15 'Santini (0-1), 67' Gerkens (0-2), 81 'Cevallos (1-2)

Lokeren: Verhulst, Tirpan, Diaby, Filipovic, Deschacht, Skulason (68 'Benchaib), Marecek (79' Terki), Overmeire, Saroka, Musona
Anderlecht: Didillon, Appiah, Kara, Lawrence, Obradovic (77 'Milic), Kums, Zulj (87' Kayembe), Verschaeren, Bolasie, Santini, Amuzu (63 'Gerkens)

Yellow: 29 'Bolasie, 61' Overmeire, 71 'Zulj, 90 + 2' Kums
Red: /

Referee: Nicolas Laforge
Stadium: Daknam

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