1065/5000 Lawrence: "4-3-3 fits better with this group"

SATURDAY, 9 FEBRUARY 2019, 22:00 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS James Lawrence was mentioned last month as a possible departure, but according to him there was no question of that. "I did not go looking for a new club at all, and the management informed me that they also counted on me after January."

The defeat against Standard the Welshman does not want to dramatize. "The game was decided by details, the smallest mistake was punished and that had an effect on the morale of the team, in which we are in a vicious circle, and we are constantly playing with new boys, which is not good for the automatisms. "

Regarding the new system that Anderlecht uses under Fred Rutten, he is positive: "4-3-3 fits better with this group than the system with three defenders under Hein Vanhaezebrouck, and we still have to finish six finals for our place in the first six. Everyone feels better and better in this system and you can see that on the field. "

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