Rutten: "Playing football that delivers victories"

THURSDAY, 10 JANUARY 2019, 09:57 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Through the social media of Anderlecht, Fred Rutten has answered ten questions from supporters. The coach indicates, among other things, that he finds it right that the supporters are currently dissatisfied. Discover the questions and the answers here.

Why did you choose Anderlecht?
"You do not say 'no' to the name Anderlecht, which is a short answer, but Anderlecht is such a big club in Belgium, I could not say 'no' to that."

What is your first impression of the team?
"They are very enthusiastic, we have not done much, but my first impression is positive."

What are the ambitions for this season?
"What belongs to Anderlecht: coming as close as possible to the title and trying to be champion, whether it is possible with this gap? It is not easy, but sometimes things are possible in football."

What kind of football can we expect?
"I want to play a kind of football that brings victories. The three points are the most important to us at the moment. Normally I like to play 4-3-3, but depending on the potential of the players I will choose which formation we play."

What type of players would you like to add to your selection?
"At the end of this week, we can make the balance and make a good assessment of the reinforcement we need, and I will do that together with the other people who decide on it."

How do you return the trust to the players?
"The best medicine is winning, which gives confidence, I am a coach who communicates with his players and perhaps that also gives them confidence."

What do you expect from the Anderlecht supporters?
"I think the supporters are currently unhappy and that is right, if you are a club like Anderlecht and you are, in points, so far from the first place, then that is not satisfying. I hope I can turn that around and that the supporters, especially in home games, are going to stand behind the team. "

What is the best player you have ever worked with?
"That's a difficult one, there are a few: Mark van Bommel, Giorginho Wijnaldum, ... I can name a few more."

What are your hobbies?
"My biggest hobby is my family, my job requires so much time and energy, and the limited time left is spent on my family, my children and grandchildren."

Have you already learned French words?
"Uh, yes: très bien, extraordinaire, these are positive messages, not?"

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