Amuzu: "I took it too easy"

THURSDAY, 27 SEPTEMBER 2018, 10:26 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Francis Amuzu has become a permanent fixture in Hein Vanhaezebrouck's starting eleven, and he has worked hard for that. So hard that the coach had no choice but to put him: "He turned Saelemaekers completely crazy on training."

At the end of last season, after a nice debut, Amuzu slipped away. The reason: himself and he is also honest about it: "I was not bitten anymore, I let it hang on training, and my father addressed me:" You always have to give everything to persuade the coach. Then I started working harder. "

Vanhaezebrouck also saw this change in attitude at Amuzu: "When the preparation started, he was completely ready, he did everything he could to convince the coach to put him, so he certainly deserved his place. He made Saelemaekers completely crazy on training. "

"But there are still things that he has to work on, becoming more efficient is one of them, sometimes he is three meters before his opponent and he stops to dribble him again. You could still see that against Standard. He knows it well, because he immediately apologized, but it is already less than before, " said the coach.

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