Santini: "It was time"

MONDAY, 24 SEPTEMBER 2018, 19:30 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Five matches, Ivan Santini was already without goals and that goes into the head of a striker, he admits. Against his former team, he scored again, and he had decided not to cheer out of respect, but the emotions were too big for the goal.

Santini was alone in the attack, mate Dimata was on the bench. Nevertheless, the Croatian hopes that he will quickly get company again in the attack: "I prefer to play with someone next to me and if possible, with Dimata, he creates space with his depth, so I hope we can play together a lot ", Santini is honest.

"My goal was very good, it was also time, and I had the intention to not cheer if I scored, out of respect for Standard, but the emotions were so big that I celebrated."

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