Onyekuru: "I will be ready against playoffs"

FRIDAY, 2 FEBRUARY 2018, 19:05 - lajoya
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INJURIES - INTERVIEWS How is Henry Onyekuru doing? Apparently well. Het Laatste Nieuws visited the striker and the Nigerian is ambitious. "I will be ready against the playoffs, I want to be the top goal scorer and then go to the World Cup."

We are now six weeks after Onyekuru injured himself at the knee. He still did not undergo surgery. "I know Anderlecht think I should be having a surgery, but I'll be back in March", that's how it sounds self-assured. "I will be ready for the playoffs and I want to be the top goal scorer. Why wouldn't I return stronger?"

Onyekuru dreams of more. "I want to go to the World Cup and I think we can become world champions with Nigeria, and then I want to become a key player at Everton. Possibly even next season."

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