Weak Anderlecht beat Oostende with a 1-3 score

SATURDAY, 11 SEPTEMBER 2004, 23:32 - Skyhawk
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A weak Anderlecht defeated Oostende with a 1-3 score. Traoré could have opened the score, but Jestrovic tipped the ball, from an off-side position in the goal. A few minutes later he could score on penalty though.

Habran, the goalkeeper of Oostende was sent off after a tackle on Aruna in the box.

Aruna scored the second goal for Anderlecht in the second half. Oostende came back to 1-2 and had a few good chances, but it was the young Legear who decided over the game: 1-3.

Goals: 21' Jestrovic 0-1 (pen), 49' Aruna 0-2, 73' Landuyt 1-2, 88' Legear 1-3

Oostende: Habran, Okon, Portier, Nijs (81' Thompson), Landuyt, Djamba Shango, Karaca (21' Thieren), Wallaeys, Zoko, Stilmant
Anderlecht: Zitka, Deschacht, Kompany, Traoré, Vanden Borre, Baseggio, Lovré (72' Legear), Zewlakow (46' Wilhelmsson), Aruna, Jestrovic, Mpenza

Red cart: 21' Habran
Attendance: 10.000
Referee: Gumienny

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