W-Beveren vs. Anderlecht: 0-3

SUNDAY, 18 AUGUST 2013, 20:29 - jds93
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After a very difficult match, Anderlecht succeeded in taking the 3 points home. To remember were the goals and the strong performance of Frank Acheampong, who scored with another long run.

It is easy to summarize the first half: bad passes, no speed, unpleasant to watch. After a double substitution in the 45th minute, Anderlecht improved a bit. Milivojevic and Praet went out for Tielemans and De Zeeuw.

But Waasland-Beveren continued their strong performance of the first half. High pressure from Aboubakar led to some nice opportunities. However it was Kljestan who scored first. De Zeeuw centered, Suarez could not score, but the American midfielder had followed to push the ball against the net.

From that moment on, Beveren fell back a bit and Anderlecht could create more chances to score. Via a nice assist from Proto, Acheampong scored his second goal in one week. The goal was practically a copy of the one he made against Gent: a long run over the left wing, but this time he scored in the bottom left corner. In the final minutes, Gillet put the fina result on the scoreboard with a header.

Score: 0-3
Goal(s): 73' Kljestan, 81' Achaempong, 91' Gillet

Waasland-Beveren:Coosemans, Bojovic, Belhocine, Gershon, Cale (77' Blondelle), Lebbihi, Maric (77' Sterckx) , Henkens, Sibum, Trickovski, Demjan (45' Aboubakar)
RSC Anderlecht:Proto, Deschacht, Nuytinck, Kouyaté, Gillet, Praet (45' Tielemans), Milivojevic (45' De Zeeuw), Kljestan, Acheampong (86' Lukaku), Suarez, Bruno

Yellow cards: 61' Cale
Red cards: /

Referee: Johan Verbist
Stadium: Freethiel

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