Anderlecht advance in Belgian Cup

FRIDAY, 25 SEPTEMBER 2015, 17:35 - Skyhawk
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GAMES Anderlecht beat fourth division team Spouwen-Mopertingen, but it took a lot more effor than expected. The Mauves won with 3-1, but could only score the winning goal in the last minute of the game. In the next round, Anderlecht will face Kortrijk.

It looked like an easy task: beating a fourth division club at home to advance in the Cup. Anderlecht even started with a mix of reserves and first team players. But at half time the scoreline was still 0-0. The goalkeeper of the visitors played an excellent match and kept his team in the running. Spouwen-Mopertingen even created a few chances themselves.

The second half brought more of the same: ball possession and some chances for Anderlecht, but no goals. Until Nuytinck was lightly pushed in the box. The defender fell and the ball went on the penalty spot. Tielemans opened the score

But not much later, goalkeeper Roef misjudged a high centre and the visitors could even score the equaliser. Anderlecht had to wait for the very last minute to score 2-1 (Dendoncker). Suarez scored a third goal in stoppage time.

In the next round, Anderlecht will need to perform better to end with a win in Kortrijk.

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