Reactions after the game

SUNDAY, 3 FEBRUARY 2008, 15:20 - Skyhawk
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Thomas Chatelle decided yesterday's match with a penalty goal. Despite the narrow win, the Mauves were a lot better than Dender. The team even started to play good: "We have played a good game", confirms Chatelle.

"We were creative, our ball circulation was fast and we had several chances. The players are finding each other again. Scoring remains a problem, but Pieroni is able to do something about that."

"What is also important, is that our defense is very strong. That gives us confidence."

Also Goor, Gillet and trainer Jacobs reacted after yesterday's victory. They all agreed with Chatelle's analysis of the game. Everyone was pleased with the victory and the good prestation, though they recognise the problem of scoring.

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