Anderlecht - Antwerp 3-0

SATURDAY, 11 AUGUST 2001, 00:01 - Newssystem
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Anderlecht have won its first game in the league.
Anderlecht took the best start for an almost completely sold out Constant Vanden Stock Stadium (25.000 spectators). The first chance was for Hendrikx, but his shot missed the post for inches.

After 10 minutes, Antwerp came to their first good action, but the Mauves had still the most ball-possession. Although the Belgian champion got lucky when Filip De Wilde was almost defeated, but the ball hit the bar.
Anderlecht was again attacking the Antwerp defence through Hendrikx, Aruna and Seol who missed 3 very good chances (also thanks to a good playing Klak, the Antwerp goalkeeper). After the pause, De Bilde and Mornar came into the team and this was noticed to the field. Anderlecht played at a higher pace and there were a lot of good actions, because Anthuenis changed some positions.
That way, Hendrikx could break through on the flank and he score a magnificent goal from 25 meters!Antwerp lost their courage and they couldn't get to good chances. A bit later, Aruna dribbled into the box and he was stopped with a fault. The referee gave a penalty! The crowd was calling De Bilde to take the 11 meters and he did. He scored the 2-0.
The Mauves kept going on and the good actions and passes of Mornar did not go unnoticed. Although it was him who missed an open goal chance. His sliding wasn't well timed and that way he couldn't tip the ball in. Also Iachtchouk managed to miss a very good chance.
Finally, Gilles De Bilde scored the 3-0 when he broke through the slow Antwerp defense. He easily defeated Klak.Antwerp got a penalty then for a very light fault of Vanderhaeghe, but Filip De Wilde kept his clean sheet with a good save. The final score was 3-0, so this is a very good start for the Belgian champions.

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