Anderlecht is still leading the league

MONDAY, 20 AUGUST 2001, 00:01 - Newssystem
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Anderlecht have defeated La Louvière, but it wasn't a good match and the Mauves could only force the victory because they were physically stronger.

Especially the midfield showed a lack of creativity and that way, the Belgian champion couldn't control the game.
Anderlecht couldn't create good chances and La Louvière played along with the pace of the Brussels club.
The strikers Aruna and De Bilde tried the best they could, but the good defence of the Walloons outnumbered our offense.
But half way the first half, RSCA was leading the game. De Boeck headed towards the goal after a corner kick. The ball chanced direction on a La Louvière defender and that way the ball disappeared in the goal.
But even before half time, the home team equalised the score, when Ouedec kicked the ball past De Wilde after a mistake in the defence.
In the second half, Mornar replaced Seol, but this didn't result in a big chance in the play. Although Anderlecht put more pressure on "La Lou".Finally Aruna could score after some pushing and pulling. 1-2.
A few minutes later, Hendrikx came close to another goal, but it was Iachtchouk (who replaced De Bilde) who could head the 1-3 in the goal after a good center of Mornar.
That way Anderlecht obtain 6 points out of 2 games (=the maximum of the points).

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