Vercauteren stays until 2008

WEDNESDAY, 12 NOVEMBER 2003, 13:31 - Bacardiboy
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Franky Vercauteren will stay till 2008 in Anderlecht. He stays assistant coach, but he will also let his voice hear in the technical staff.

The club admits that the stream of their own youth to the first team still can be better, though for the past year Olivier Deschacht, Junior, Goran Lovre, Martin Kolar and Vincent Kompany made the step.

What change will the new contract be for you, Franky? "First of all I will stay the assistant of our head coach. At the same time I will be member of th Werner Deraeve."

Such as? "I will clear out why certain youngsters don't or do play with the reserve team.e new technical commission. In that organ I will negotiate specific problems with head scout Peter Ressel and youth coördinate We will work out some profiles of players for the first team. A few years ago it happened that in the youth team players of 1,65 meter and 60 kilogram were put in the centre of the defense. In modern football that's totally out of the question. Talent isn't enough nowadays. Dedication and physics are quite as important. The youth and the first team won't be working besides each other. Normally this wouldn't have happened for a long time yet. Only since a few weeks there's a new direction, that's why the problem is solved."

Who's responsable for that new direction? "Herman Van Holsbeeck listened to the problems of everyone in this club. He came to the conclusion that internal communication was a problem."

Has the growth of Vinceny Kompany leaded to what came loose in the club? "It played a role, but it's also my role to diminuate certain things. You can't expect there will be a new Vincent Kompany each year."

Now there's clearness about his situation, it's still a bit waiting what's going to happen with the head coach. Can Emilio Ferrera forget about becoming coach the upcoming years? "I don't think about that type of questions. If necessary I can work with my biggest enemy, but now that's not the case."

Do you have the ambition to become head coach yourself? "Not yet. I prefer working in the shadow. The clubs shows respect for what I do and shows that to me with this new contract, what makes me happy."

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