Anderlecht decide the game in final minutes

FRIDAY, 24 FEBRUARY 2006, 22:46 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht defeated Roeselare tonight. The Mauves won with 0-2. The game was decided in the last 9 minutes: Wilhelmsson brought the team from Brussels one up and a few minutes later, Frutos doubled the lead.

RSCA took the best start. Roeselare, that couldn't force a single chance, were immediatly pushed back and got lucky the score at half time was still 0-0. Frutos, Wilhelmsson and especially Mpenza all forgot to score after a few great efforts.

But the Mauves were also disadvantaged by the inferior referee Verecken and his assistants: Wilhelmsson and Mpenza were twice stopped for off-side, while the linesmen were completely mistaken. Vaesen should have gotten a red card, when he pushed Frutos down, who was on his way to the goal. Finally, the referee denied the Mauves a penalty after a hands ball in the box.

In the second half, Anderlecht dropped the pace but didn't allow Roeselare to come into the game. They still controled the game, but had only a few chances through Frutos and Goor.

While everyone thought the match would end on a scoreless draw, two goals were made in the last 9 minutes. First Wilhelmsson was sent through the home side's defence and finished off the chance: 0-1. A few minutes later, Iachtchouk (who had replaced Mpenza) centered for Frutos and he put the final score on the score board: 0-2.

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