Anderlecht waste another two points

SUNDAY, 18 DECEMBER 2005, 21:36 - Skyhawk
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It's getting a bad habbit: losing points in away games. This time, a weak Anderlecht didn't come any further than a scoreless draw on the field of La Louvière. That way, Standard can take over the lead again.

Anderlecht started the best and pushed La Louvière completely back. The Mauves created several chances, but couldn't score. Mostly, the last pass didn't reach the strikers and when it did, those strikers waited too long...
When Pujol scored, the referee interrupted the celebrations because he saw earlier handplay of Delorge. Score at half time: 0-0.

In the second half, Anderlecht couldn't keep up the high pace and La Louvière had a few good opportunities. Though it was Anderlecht that came the closest to the winning goal in the last 5 minutes. It was twice Bart Goor who could have made the opener, but the La Louvière keeper had his nets clean: 0-0.

Goals: none

La Louvière: Cordier, Blay, Emeran, Guilmot, Ekani, Teklak, Oliseh, Luntala (85' Rogerio), Vervalle (75' Montoya), Jbari, Tiago (64' Potier)

Anderlecht: Proto, Zewlakow, Kompany, Tihinen, Deschacht, Vanderhaeghe (82' Allagui), Zetterberg (63' Baseggio), Delorge (73' Iachtchouk), Goor, Mpenza, Pujol

Red card: none
Spectators: 8.000
Referee: Van de Velde

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