Youth League far away after loss U18

MONDAY, 11 FEBRUARY 2019, 15:19 - lajoya
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YOUTH The youth teams of Anderlecht played this weekend against Racing Genk. The bilan was twice a victory and twice a loss. the loss of the U18 was the hardest. Because of this defeat, the title and participation in the UEFA Youth League is very far away.


U18: Anderlecht - Genk: 3-4
U16: Genk - Anderlecht: postponed until 27 February
U15: Genk - Anderlecht: 5-3
U14: Anderlecht - Genk: 4-0
U13: Anderlecht - Genk: 4-0

U18: Anderlecht - Genk: 3-4

The champion of the U18 qualifies for the Youth League. Against leader Genk Anderlecht already suffered his seventh defeat in nineteen games. The gap with leader Genk now amounts to seventeen points. For the first time in five years Anderlecht not be playing in the Youth League.

Goals: 35 'X (0-1), 41' Mayanga (1-1), 53 'X (1-2), 62' Dailly (2-2), 68 'X (2-3), 71' X (2-4), 77 'Kalulika (3-4)
Anderlecht played with: Vercauteren, Masscho, Polizzi, Sardella, Nizet, Kana (c), Timassi (46 'Daskevics), Aka, Dailly (80' Hannach), Suray (60 'Kalulika), Mayanga (46' Houttequiet)

U15: Genk - Anderlecht: 5-3

At the U15, Anderlecht are fully involved in the title. This defeat is therefore very inconvenient. Anderlecht sees Genk coming next to them. Both clubs now follow Club Brugge on one point.

U14: Anderlecht - Genk: 4-0

After the big victory against Genk, the U14 climbed to second place in the ranking. They follow leader Standard at two points.

Goals: Behar, Asselman, Godts, Diallo
Anderlecht started with: Epolo, Agyei, Butera, Moutha-Sebtaoui, Degreef, De Stobbeleir, Van Keymolen, Asselman, Behar, Godts, Ntanda Lukisa.
Fell in: Diallo, Tajaouart, Benaini.

U13: Anderlecht - Genk: 4-0

The U13 head for the title. They booked their nineteenth victory this weekend in as many matches. It scored 133 times and barely got ten goalsagainst.

Goals: Azaouzi (2), Bounida (2)
Anderlecht started with: Pieklak, Vronincks, Likebeli, Wola, Luyckx, Waki, Duranville, Afonso Beatriz, Vereecken, Bounida, Azaouzi
Fell in: El Afaki, Ndefe, Mbonyumutwa, Butera

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