"I doubt whether Kara gets fit for playoffs"

SATURDAY, 24 FEBRUARY 2018, 22:52 - lajoya
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INJURIES Kara Mbodji's rehabilitation is going well and he might get ready for the playoffs. Only Hein Vanhaezebrouck does not really believe in this and he doubts whether the Senegalese will be fit for the playoffs. The same story for Henry Onyekuru who may not get the start playoffs.

"We do not have to count on Andy Najar any more this season," says the coach, "And to be honest, I have my doubts whether Kara Mbodji will make the start of the playoffs. He will be able to be used during the playoffs. I'm afraid of the start, but I think Henry Onyekuru will not make it to the start either, and there's not much known about his progress at the moment, I expect more news next week. "

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