Kanu to return to Anderlecht?

WEDNESDAY, 25 JUNE 2014, 11:53 - D.A.B.
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Remarkable news today: Anderlecht is considering a return of Kanu. The Brazilian already played for Anderlecht up until 2013 when he left for Terek Grozny, but would like to return. His club does not object and will let him go.

Kanu was never very popular with the Anderlecht fans. But that started to change at the end of 2013 when he contributed a lot to Anderlecht's victories in the play-off serie. At that moment the club decided to sell the player to Terek Grozny. Last season he scored 2 goals in 31 games in Russia, but Kanu is not happy their. And his club would also like to sell him. A return to Belgium is Kanu's first option.

Meanwhile Anderlecht started to show interest again since the club is looking for experienced and polyvalent midfielders after the departure of Bruno and Kouyaté. The Mauves prefer a permanent transfer, back to Brussels. If that doesn't succeed, a loan would be possible as well.

Whether the fans will be happy with his return, is yet to be seen. Rubenilson dos Santos da Rocha, better known under his football name Kanu, was considered not to have the technical football style many fans see as necessary for an Anderlecht player. This was also one of the reasons he was never very popular amongst the Anderlecht fans. During his previous stay in Anderlecht, he showed a good mentality and a lot of dedication though.

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