End of an era

Good match vs. Standard ends on 1-1

MONDAY, 23 DECEMBER 2013, 21:10 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht and Standard divided the points yesterday in a good and entertaining game. For the first since long, it was also a fair match between Standard and Anderlecht.

Standard started with immense pressure forwards and already hit the crossbar early in the match. Anderlecht slowly restored the balance and on their first good chance, they also scored. Vanden Borre opened for Praet, who went past goalkeeper Kawashima and placed the ball into the goal: 0-1.

Standard reacted rapidly with a header on the post. Pressure mounted again and the Mauves had difficulties breaking out and being dangerous. Gillet assisted Proto on an effort of Batshuayi. But short before half time, the scoreline was almost doubled. Kawashima had to save a header and Kouyate could not score in the rebound.

In the second half, Standard rapidly equalised. Batshuayi appeared in the box and was forgotten by the defenders. He turned and placed the ball into the corner. Ezekiel almost brought the home side ahead a bit later.

But Anderlecht remained dangerous as well. Mitrovic' effort missed the target for centimeters. Also Gillet had a good chance, but his shot was right on Kawashima. The closer the game got to the end, the fewer chances there were. The last good one was for Mitrovic, but his effort was far too weak.

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