Lukaku: "Didn't fit into the plans of the coach anymore"

WEDNESDAY, 28 AUGUST 2013, 15:33 - JoRu
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Jordan Lukaku has been presented this morning at KV Ostend, wearing a T-shirt of 'Air Jordan'. The youngest Lukaku told to be happy with this transfer on a rental base. "Ostend really wanted me and that convinced me."

Lukaku also could move to OH Leuven. But the negotiations with OHL took almost two weeks, while everything was solved in one hour with KV Ostend.

He will probably get an opportinity to play for Ostend, which he wouldn't get in Anderlecht. "John van den Brom made his choices and I didn't fit into his plans", tells Lukaku. "If I still have a future in Anderlecht? I want to return for sure, but Anderlecht isn't the only club where I can make a breakthrough in my career. We will see what the future will be."

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