"Daf? We can't keep everyone"

MONDAY, 26 AUGUST 2013, 14:42 - JoRu
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Mohamad Daf was the best player of Charleroi yesterday. The Senegalese player played for Anderlecht U21 last season, but couldn't stay. "He wouldn't get many minutes to play."

He was one of the shining players in the Viareggio Cup. "He is very good in the short space", says the U21 coach René Peeters. "He's a left-footed number 8 with a good technique and intelligence. But he needs someone more defensive next to him. Also his attitude is very good, he is very disciplined."

Despite of a positive report of Peeters, Anderlecht decided to sell Daf this summer. "The board of Anderlecht decides who can or can not stay. Of course we can't keep everyone. There are already five to six young midfielders who are close to join the A-squad. Daf couldn't learn anything anymore by playing with the U21 team. So it's good Charleroi offered him an opportunity to play in the first division."

Youth coordinator Jean Kindermans was one of the people who took the decision about Daf. "The staff and management analyzed Daf and concluded that he wouldn't get many opportunities to play for the A-squad", says Kindermans. "We examined him very well, but he couldn't really convince us."

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