"Happy to sign Anderlecht"

FRIDAY, 16 AUGUST 2013, 14:55 - jds93
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Aleksandar Mitrovic arrived at Brussels yesterday. In a short interview he said: "I'm very happy to sign Anderlecht". Mitrovic will get shirt number 45.

Robert Steeman, head of the Anderlecht scouting department, went to the airport to pick up the new striker. Around 8pm, there was still no sign of the player. A little nervous Steeman called Nenad Jestrovic, Mitrovic's manager. Jestrovic joked: "Sorry my friend, we're in Milan, Mitrovic is going to sign AC". A couple of minutes they came in the arrival hall.

Today Mitrovic's medical condition will be tested. According to the schedule the player will be presented to the press at 2pm.

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