Mitrovic: Everywhere confusion

SUNDAY, 11 AUGUST 2013, 16:18 - JoRu
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Yesterday, Het Laatste Nieuws and Le Soir announced Anderlecht would have withdrawn their bid for Mitrovic. Now, some Serbian media tell the transfer is finalized for 3.5 million euro. (latest update: 10/08 23h15)

Serbian sources told our website, that this was only a move from the board of Anderlecht to force the transfer. Het Nieuwsblad also had an interview with Nenad Jestrovic, the player's manager, and he told there will be a deal in two or three days.

Now, the Serbian website "" announced that the transfer is finalized and Anderlecht would pay 3.5 million euro. According to the Serbian press, he would move to Anderlecht even if there was a better offer of 5.5 million euro from Udinese.

People expect Mitrovic to come to Anderlecht for 5 million euro. But Anderlecht would pay 3.5 million euro now, and Partizan Belgrade would receive 10% if Mitrovic would be transferred to another team in the future.

Though, there is no official confirmation about this yet.

Besides all these rumours, Mitrovic scored two goals for Partizan yesterday evening against Novi Pazar. He scored one penalty. The Serbian press tells Mitrovic would have made some gestures towards the audience when he scored his goals, suggesting he would leave the club.

Update 22h26: Other Serbian websites like also announce the transfer.

Update 22h33: knows Mitrovic has signed a contract for four years.

Update 23h15: According to, there is a deal between Partizan and Anderlecht. But it's not known yet if the player would move immediately or only by the end of August.

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