Deschacht: "Self-criticism each day"

FRIDAY, 9 AUGUST 2013, 22:10 - JoRu
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Deschacht took the critics of coach van den Brom personally, when the coach told the "elders" of the team didn't play well against Lokeren. The left-back tells the coach was right: "I played bad, period".

"The coach was extremely mad after the game, but I understand", tells Deschacht in Sudpresse. "Nuytinck, De Zeeuw, Suarez and I didn't play well and we have to admit that. After that game, I barely talked for about a week. I'm not that kind of person who walks away from his responsibility. People can blame me for many things, but can't tell I'm a liar.

It's pretty unusual in Belgium that a coach criticizes his own players in public, like van den Brom did. How did the players react? "At first, it's not good to hear of course", admits Deschacht. "But actually it's pretty positive. Our coach is a very direct person. Maybe a bit too much sometimes. But I prefer this kind of person over someone being hypocrite. Our characteristics are pretty similar.

Which things went wrong against Lokeren? "I wasn't sharp, was too nervous to ask the ball and wasn't efficient", tells Deschacht. "I just know I can do better. I have some self-criticism each day. I'm very demanding for myself and I'm never satisfied."

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