Mitrovic: "Anderlecht is the right next step for me"

MONDAY, 5 AUGUST 2013, 21:24 - JoRu
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It looks like the transfer of Mitrovic to Anderlecht is just a matter of days. After some positive articles in the Belgian media, an article about the possible imminent transfer appeared in the Serbian press.

This morning, we could read in the Belgian media that Aleksandar Mitrovic could join Anderlecht this week. The Serbian striker confirms in an interview that the transfer is imminent.

Partizan plays the return game of the third qualifying round of the Champions League tomorrow evening. The Serbian team can still count on their skillful player. "I will do the utmost to help my team, but I don't exclude that this could be my last game for Partizan Belgrade", says Mitrovic.

What about Anderlecht? Mitrovic explains: "For now, there is nothing official but I can tell you that this is the right time to leave Partizan. Anderlecht is the right club for me to develop my skills. I could get a spot in the starting line-up and I could play in the Champions League. I had some decent conversations with my father and Nenad Jestrovic (former player of Anderlecht and now scouting for the team). According to them, Anderlecht is the right next step in my career."

We have to wait and see if Mitrovic will sign a contract this week, but there are some good signs.

In the meanwhile, there is some additional information which tells that Anderlecht is willing to make an extra effort to convince Partizan. Anderlecht would offer Partizan 10% of a possible transfer in the future. This 10% is on top of the bid of 5 million euros that Anderlecht has made already.

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