Outrageous display of Standard fans cost Anderlecht the victory

MONDAY, 8 OCTOBER 2012, 16:37 - D.A.B.
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The game between Anderlecht and Standard has once again turned into an unsporting display thanks to the home fans. After scoring 0-1, the Standard fans went berserk and bombarded the field with fireworks and firecrackers.

The game can be divided into two parts: before and after the display of the home supporters. Before, Anderlecht dominated the match and scored an early goal: Kanu centred and Jovanovic pushed the ball into the goal. Minutes later, De Sutter was kept from scoring the 0-2 by a good safe of Kawashima.

Then horrific display took place: the home fans forced the game to a stop. Proto's box was transformed into a minefield by the many smoke bombs and firecrackers. The net of the goal even caught fire, just like some advertising posters next to the field. Since the safety of the players could not be guaranteed, the match was halted.

After resuming, the misbehaviour continued. Instead of finally ending the match, the referee resumed the match anyway. The violence spread to the pitch, where the game looked more like a battle than like a football match. The referee's incompetence was underlined by allowing the game to continue in such a fashion.

Standard clearly benefited and equalised after a clear foul on defender Kouyate. Bulot headed the ball into the net: 1-1. On the other side, De Sutter was kept from scoring by Kawashima and Biglia's effort hit the crossbar. Before the break, Bulot even made it 2-1 with an effort from distance that went in via the post.

The Anderlecht players were clearly intimidated by the life threatening situations in Liège and never got back into the game. They just had one good occassion in the second half: Jovanovic was brought down in the box, but Mbokani missed the penalty - the fifth penalty miss of this season...

Nothing more happened, besides Goreux finally being sent off. At the end, a ball of Mbokani deserved more than ending on the crossbar. The final result was 2-1, though let us hope, for the sake of the Belgian football, that this shameful event will get a different outcome in front of the Football Commission.

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