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Anderlecht take one point in Milan

TUESDAY, 18 SEPTEMBER 2012, 23:23 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht took a good start in the Champions League by taking one point in Milan. The match ended on a scoreless draw in which both sides had a few large chances. In the other match, Malaga defeated Zenit with 3-0.

Van den Brom started with Kouyate on the midfield to prevent Boateng to launch attacks and the Senegalese did an excellent job. Milan struggled and Anderlecht even dominated the match with more ball possession and some danger. Gillet, Bruno and Mbokani tested goalkeeper Abbiati.

Milan tried to counter attack and Proto had to intervene twice to keep the Italians from scoring. At half time both sides had created 11 chances, had almost the same amount of passes completed and ball possession was slightly in favour of Anderlecht with 54 percent. A draw after 45 minutes was logical.

Milan immediately took control after the break and Anderlecht was slightly pushed back. The defence did an excellent job though, despite some headers of Boateng. The more time passed, the more the Belgians focussed on the one point they had in their hands. Though it could have been three points also: Biglia was sent deep by Mbokani and appeared alone in front of Abbiati. His wild effort went over the goal though. On the other side, Proto prevented a goal from El Sharaawy with an excellent save on the strikers' header.

By the end of the game, both sides seemed to settle for a draw. Anderlecht kept the ball in the team and Milan's attacks missed confidence. The final result is thus a logical 0-0.

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