Champions League: we made it!

TUESDAY, 28 AUGUST 2012, 23:14 - Skyhawk
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For a long time it didn't look good. With a 2-1 defeat to make up for, Anderlecht had to score. Limassol relied on a double defence. Belgium held its breath for 81 minutes until Mbokani scored! Iakovenko doubled the lead later.

We are there again, after six years. But it wasn't easy! Anderlecht didn't start with very high pace, but chased the ball and thus not allowing Limassol to come into their rythm. The Mauves couragely but carefully attacked. But this only led to a few smaller chances. De Sutter, Biglia and Mbokani had some chances, but could't score.

Limassol slowly came better into the game and this led to one good counter attack. Proto had to save the effort of Rui Miguel who had broken through Anderlecht's defence. On the other side, De Sutter received a good ball in the box but could't not get the ball past all the defenders throwing themselves in front of the ball.

With just 45 minutes left to open the score, the home side slowly became more nervous. It took a while before there came same chance. AEL believed in their chances and grew into the match. Coach Van den Brom intervened and brought Iakovenko and the young Bruno into play. And this worked out just fine. The fire in the eyes of the Anderlecht minding world ignited again when Gillet hit the crossbar from a close distance.

A few minutes later Gillet appeared in front of goalie Degra and the Argentine keeper saved three efforts of the Anderlecht midfielder. The rebound for Kanu was blocked and Biglia tried to get a penalty between three players, but got yellow himself. And this in just 15 second of time...

Then the young Bruno placed Biglia in front of the goal. His shot went centimeters past the post.
With time running out, Van den Brom placed powerful defender Juhasz next to Mbokani. This allowed the team to get a larger foothold in the box on long balls and in the physical duels. And this paid off: the visiting defence had to watch Juhasz while Bruno centered and Mbokani netted the ball: 1-0 after 81 minutes. AEL did not have any strength left to turn the tide and even took a second goal. In the last minute of the regular time, Iakovenko doubled the lead.

Anderlecht to the Champions League !!

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