Abu: “Anderlecht would be a great opportunity”

TUESDAY, 26 JUNE 2012, 12:07 - Motivee
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Last week, Anderlecht manager Herman Van Holsbeeck travelled to Norway to scout midfielder Mohammed Abu. Unfortunately, he had played far better matches than the one Anderlecht came to see. Still, he’s hoping for a transfer.

“Anderlecht would be a great opportunity,” he started off. “I hope I’ve convinced them anyway, because after the next game I’m going back to Manchester. City wants me in a stronger competition to make more and faster progress."

“I know Anderlecht came to see me, but there was a Dutch team in the stands as well, and Spanish and Scottish teams are interested also. I would love to come to Anderlecht. I don’t know the players, but I know it’s a team that runs for the title every season, and has a long history in Europe as well.”

Permanent transfer

City has shown confidence in the Ghanaian player by offering him a contract till 2014. Nevertheless, the Citizens seem to be open to give Anderlecht the option to permanently sign Abu.

Anderlecht, however, would rather have him on loan, to limit the risks. Earlier this year, Abu was on loan to Frankfurt, but didn’t play one minute. He explains: “I came to Frankfurt after the Africa Cup and there were some problems with my visa. That’s why I came back to Norway.”

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