Anderlecht unable to beat OHL

MONDAY, 5 DECEMBER 2011, 21:14 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht lost two points yesterday against OH Leuven. The game ended on a scoreless draw. Anderlecht had several good chances to open the score, despite the extremely defensive play of the visitors.

De Sutter and Deschacht were granted a place in the starting line-up, but performed weak overall. Though the home side quite rapidly grabbed Leuven by the throat. There were chances through Kljestan, Gillet and De Sutter and Jovanovic was denied a goal by the crossbar. Leuven couldn't do anything in the first half.

The same happened in the second half. Leuven was pushed back and Anderlecht had again a few chances, especially via Gillet and De Sutter who hit the upright. But in the end, Anderlecht's pace was too low and the team lacked the needed creativity to defeat Leuven's defence.

A final offensive was made impossible by the referee. Juhasz tackled Azevedo when he tried to break free on a counter attack. The Hungarian played the ball but got red nonetheless. The Mauves kept on trying, but couldn't score...

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