Van Buyten won't underestimate Anderlecht

SATURDAY, 23 FEBRUARY 2008, 20:58 - driess
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Belgian defender Daniël Van Buyten is expecting a lot of calls from Belgian journalists. "But München won't make the same mistake as Bordeaux, we won't underestimate Anderlecht."

"I supported Anderlecht on Thursday", says Van Buyten in the Belgian paper "Gazet van Antwerpen". "Our match (Bayern-Aberdeen) was already finished (a smashing 5-1 victory, Van Buyten scored the 2nd goal) so I watched Bordeaux-Anderlecht by satellite."

"I can't say I was surprised to see Anderlecht eliminating Bordeaux. I follow the French league, and I know that for Bordeaux the championship is more important than the Uefa Cup. When I heard Anderlecht had won the first leg, I knew they would go through. They have made a good impression on me."

Bayern München won't make the same mistake as Bordeaux by underestimating Anderlecht. "In the locker room, everyone wanted to know everything about Anderlecht. I immediately warned my team mates not to underestimate them. Bayern may have a lot of players, but we won't leave our key players on the bench."

Although there's a huge difference between the two clubs, Van Buyten isn't expecting easy games. "It's going to be tough against Anderlecht, they will be really motivated. That's why we want to obtain a good result in the first leg in Belgium", concludes the defender.

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