Jacobs until 2009, later position as technical director?

SATURDAY, 23 FEBRUARY 2008, 14:43 - Skyhawk
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Ariël Jacobs will probably stay Anderlecht's coach next season. Herman Van Holsbeeck announced that he's prepared to extend Jacobs' contract with one year. Afterwards, he'll be offered a deal as technical director.

From June 2009 on, Jacobs would forfill a task as technical director. He'll be involved in every transfer and thus changing the club's structure. Every detail will be precised in a contract to avoid that the same mistakes were made as with Vercauteren.

"Jacobs is open for a talk, but he wants guarentees. When Jean Dockx died in the 90s, the club lost a valuable person. I think we finally found his successor in the person of Jacobs", said Van Holsbeeck.

Jacobs is flattered, but he's not thinking about his contract: "I want to focus on the upcoming games. That's the most important. I never demanded anything. If the club wants to talk, I'm willing to listen."

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