Frank Vercauteren breaks the silence

SATURDAY, 16 FEBRUARY 2008, 13:30 - driess
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For the first time since he got fired as headcoach from Anderlecht, Frank Vercauteren talked with the press again. He explains his situation in the Belgian paper "De Standaard"

"Right after the match against RC Genk, I asked the board if it wasn't a better idea to end our coöperation. I asked the chairman for my reseign, but Roger Van Den Stock didn't want me to leave" so says Vercauteren.

Vercauteren wasn't realy pleased with the departure of Glen De Boeck and Jacky Munaron. "With some people, you have better contact then with others, but if you are a professional, you have to be able to put that asside. With Glen, I was on the same level, with Ariël Jacobs I wasn't. Not on professional, and not on humain level. Jacobs also has his own way with the press. He was more "available", if I may use that word".

"During the summerbreak, I asked for 2 attackers, a midfielder and a rightback. But that was impossible. It was the other way around, Tchité left and Akin was his replacement. Then I knew, on the first of september, I realised how it would end. It turned out it was right.

What about Théréau? "i don't think I did someting wrong" so Franky says. I made the profile of the striker that we needed. I did not want Théréau, but the board bought him anyway. When he came, I made a list with his up- and downsides. Théréau had more downsides, and after his pressconference, I told him that he had to improve on certain areas, that there would be a lot of pressure and that it wasn"t because we bought him, he was guaranteed to play."

What happend between the club Anderlecht and Frank Vercauteren after the breakup? "Manager Herman Van Holsbeeck phoned me once. That was it. And no, I didn't watch a single game of Anderlecht after I got fired. "I got two invitations, but I gave them away and made someone very happy with that" so he ends the interview.

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