Bassegio talks about his ex club

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Sunday at 18pm Walter Bassegio will play against his former team Anderlecht. A special game for Enzo Scifo, Alin Stoica and Walter Bassegio. Bassegio gives his view about the club for which he played almost his whole career.

" I'm grateful that I could play for Anderlecht. I will always be an Anderlecht-fan." Bassegio confessed in La Dernière Heure and Het Belang van Limburg. " Especially the fans I will never forget. That people are like family to me. It will be strange to play against Anderlecht."

" But I want to win sunday and I know how you can beat Anderlecht. I want to show that I still have some qualities. I have no revenge feelings, I only remember the good things. " He said

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