Van Holsbeeck: "Bordeaux will be a real test"

TUESDAY, 12 FEBRUARY 2008, 20:19 - driess
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After victories against Dender and Brussels, Anderlecht seems to be back on track. "The dark clouds are gone, but the sky still isn't bright blue" says Van Holsbeeck on Sporza Radio.

"The last weeks, we are playing better footbal, although we have to be honest and say it was tough to play worse. Bordeaux will be a new test" so says the manager. "A couple of players have regained their confidence and the new players are proving to be a plus.

"Can we expect a great European evening? It's tough to compare the Belgian and French leagues, but our players would like to prove that they can play at Bordeaux's level.

Van Holsbeeck may be able to live with a defeat against Bordeaux. "But then we at least have to show a good level of football and that we are making progress.

"The board has learned from the first round. We have to be honest and say that we have been giving this group too much credit. The title is out of our reach, although I still believe the prices will be given at the end of the season".

"I'm mostly expecting to regain our honor in the European campaign. Defeating Bordeaux and playing against a great team, that would give a great boost"

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