No new contract for Goor and Akin

MONDAY, 11 FEBRUARY 2008, 14:12 - andy
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Bart Goor and Serhat Akin will likely play their last months at Anderlecht. Both players are at the end of their contract and the club does not seem eager to extend it.

Manager Van Holsbeeck arranged to talk with captain Bart Goor mid February about the winger's future at the club. However, the rumour has spread that the decision has already been made. "I haven't heard anything," said the 34-year-old winger, "but if my time with Anderlecht has come to an end, then so be it. We'll see next season where I will be playing, if not with Anderlecht."

Serhat Akin is also on the departure. The Turkish striker did receive a new offer recently, but the deal would only extend his contract with a single year, a sign the club has little faith in the injury-prone striker. "The offer I got is ridiculous, certainly on a financial level," said Serhat. "This is exactly what I expected, I admit. I won't sign under these conditions in any case. The good news is that I'm a free player in June."

Another player to leave the club is Mbo Mpenza. The Belgian striker's contract won't be extended either. Mark De Man is also looking for a new club now that he has lost his spot in the starting line-up.

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