Anderlecht obtain easy victory

SATURDAY, 9 FEBRUARY 2008, 22:20 - Bacardiboy
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RSC Anderlecht made a good performance this evening, and obtained an easy win against FC Brussels. The final score was 2-4. New signing Gillet scored two goals for the Mauves, who are now on a fifth rank.

Anderlecht started furious and were already able to score two minutes into the game. Jelle Van Damme scored the first goal after a free kick by Boussoufa. Luigi Pieroni made a great debut and displayed much creativity and effort. After 26 minutes, the second Anderlecht goal was a fact via Gillet. Nevertheless, shortly before the break, Brussels were able to come back to 1-2.

Just like in the first half, Anderlecht were able to score quickly after the break. Again it was Gillet who finished off a center by Pieroni. Not much later Wasilewski wrapped up the game by scoring 1-4. Brussels came closer with another goal, but they couldn't harm Anderlecht anymore.

Score: 2-4
Goal(s): 02' Jelle Van Damme, 26' Guillaume Gillet, 43' Olof Guterstam, 49' Guillaume Gillet 60' Marcin Wasilewski, 82' Christian Landu Tubi

Brussels: Michaël Cordier, Christ Bruno, Bojan Neziri, Zoltan Petö, Stéphane Zubar, Da Silva Alex (66'Zola Matumona), Julien Gorius (58' Christian Landu Tubi), Alan Haydock, Cheiko Kayouté, Valeri Sorokin, Olof Guterstam
Anderlecht: Daniel Zitka, Guillaume Gillet (74' Mark De Man), Roland Juhasz, Nicolas Pareja, Jelle Van Damme, Marcin Wasilewski, Lucas Biglia (66' Bart Goor), Mbark Boussoufa (75' Serhat Akin), Jan Polak, Luigi Pieroni, Stanislav Vlcek

Yellow: 34' Alan Haydock, 41' Mbark Boussoufa, 59' Christ Bruno, 66' Lucas Biglia, 85' Roland Juhasz

Referee: Verbist
Stadium: Edmond Machten stadium

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