The Real Polak is coming

TUESDAY, 5 FEBRUARY 2008, 17:25 - Alientje
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Jan Polak had a difficult start at Anderlecht, but it seems we will get to see the real Polak soon. Against Dender he played one of his better games. "It's not easy to immediately play well in a new team," he says.

"The sporting crisis of the last months did not make it easier. And I only speak German and Czech, which makes it harder too."

"Also the fact that I only joined the team at the end of the transfer period was a disadvantage, because I missed the whole preparation and everyone knows how important that is."

However, the last few weeks it has been getting better. "The automatisms are there and you can already see we're playing better. I'm playing in a less remarkable way and I need a bit more time, but I do believe the real Polak will be there soon."

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