Vanden Stock: "Pieroni will help us to score"

MONDAY, 4 FEBRUARY 2008, 14:11 - andy
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Chairman Roger Vanden Stock appeared satisfied after the narrow win over FC Dender. "It's better to win 1-0 in the league and win with a bigger margin in the cup," explained the chairman.

"I noticed that our new players - Vlcek, Chatelle and Gillet - added something extra to the team," said Vanden Stock in Het Nieuwsblad. "The club has done what needed to be done: strengthen the squad during the winter transfer window."

With two narrow victories and a goalless draw, the team still has difficulties with scoring goals, however. "But that too can be solved," said an optimistic chairman. "From next week on, Pieroni will be eligible to play. With him in the squad we have more offensive strength."

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