Van Holsbeeck looks for solutions after bad prestations

THURSDAY, 18 MARCH 2004, 21:36 - Skyhawk
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What's wrong with RSCA lately? The level of play seems low in the last few games. The question whether the club will be able to reach the Cup final arrises after yesterday's game. Manager van Holsbeeck is looking for solutions

The Cup game yesterday
"Many players are still looking for their normal level. Especially the ones who returned from injury. Hugo Broos started with Lovre and Jestrovic yesterday. They clearly missed some match rythme. Than there are some players who are just playing a low rendament at this time. Aruna is one of the examples. Luckily we can still win, even when we play bad."

A Cup final?
"Everybody should take a look at themselves. We still haven't our 27th Belgian title and we're not in the Cup final yet. The last final was 10 years ago. But the Cup also lost prestige. Fewer people show up for those games. It's a shame... A final between Brugge and Anderlecht would be good."

The near future
"We'll point the players on their responsabilities. The level in our league is low. Because of this, some players aren't focussed on the opponents. Many of them are still young. They still have to learn a lot. But they don't play bad on purpose."

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