Anderlecht qualified for 3rd round

THURSDAY, 14 NOVEMBER 2002, 00:01 - Newssystem
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Anderlecht qualified for the 3rd round of the Uefa-Cup after beating Midtjylland with 0-3. The game started bad for the Mauves. Tihinen lightly pulled the shirt of Kristensen and the referee gave a penalty.

Goalkeeper Skov-Jensen took the penalty, but Zitka saved.
Five minutes later, Anderlecht scored out of their first chance. De Bilde took a corner kick, De Boeck headed the ball to Seol and he scored: 0-1. The Mauves kept on pushing and got a few chances through Seol, Baseggio and Vanderhaeghe.
After that, the Mauves dropped the pace. Zitka had to save a good shot of Skriver. After 40 minutes, RSCA came close to 0-2, but Bilde, Seol and Aruna missed.

Midtjylland started well on 2nd half, but Zitka held them from the equaliser. Anderlecht immediatly reacted, and Seol scored 0-2, but the referee noticed his hands-ball, preciding the goal. 2 minutes later, Crasson's shot went over the bar.
Half an hour before time, Jestrovic doubled the score. Aruna even scored 0-3.

Goals: 12' Seol 0-1, 83' Jestrovic 0-2, 89' Aruna 0-3
Midtjylland: Skov-Jensen, Jessen, Nielsen, Skriver, Mikkelsen (58' From), Magleby, Thomasberg (46' Pimpong), Jensen (35' Rathe), Madsen, Hansen, Kristensen
Anderlecht: Zitka, Crasson, De Boeck, Tihinen, Ilic, Zewlakow, Vanderhaeghe, Baseggio, De Bilde (73' Hendrikx), Aruna, Seol (82' Jestrovic)
Referee: Treossi (Ita)
Stadium: Silkeborg Stadium
Attendance: 4.464

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