Again a draw for Anderlecht

MONDAY, 5 NOVEMBER 2001, 00:01 - Newssystem
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Anderlecht is doing bad. Last Saturday, they almost lost a 3rd time this season. though, the game, against the other Brussels team, RWDM, ended on a 2-2 draw. So the special Madonna shirt didn't bring much luck to Anderlecht.

Anthuenis gave Doll and Oyen a chance to prove themselves. Also the bad playing Iachtchouk appeared at the kick off.
The game started slow, with the first chance through Baseggio after 15 minutes. A bit later, Mornar got the ball from Stoica, but he aimed too high. After 17 minutes the first goal fell. Mornar kicked the ball high in the goal after a hard pass of Aruna: 1-0
A few minutes later, Baseggio missed the chance on 2-0, but RWDM was more efficient. They scored the 1-1, but the linesman gave offside. But not much later, the score was equalised by Kolotilko, we took advantage of a misunderstanding between Doll and De Wilde.

After the break, the Anderlecht defense left a bad impression. Allou was left free and he headed the 1-2 against the nets. A good playing De Wilde prevented worse when Kolotilko broke through the defense. A bit later Anderlecht got what they were looking for, a goal of RWDM: 1-3, but the linesman gave offside again, but this time his decision was wrong...
Anderlecht started a large scaled offensive, with a great free-kick-goal of Baseggio. Later, the Mauves couldn't come any further than several corner kicks. That way, the score remained 2-2...

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