In the margin of the topper...

SATURDAY, 6 MARCH 2004, 15:52 - Bacardiboy
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In Anderlecht and Bruges, they are getting nervous for the competition topper on Sunday. Anderlecht-coach Hugo Broos is getting more and more annoyed about Aruna.

"He is always complaining, and that annoys me", he said. Broos made him train a bit longer this week, just like Baseggio. "I gave them a hard time, but now they feel the importance of the match.
Any formations aren't known yet.

Also Roger Vanden Stock complained about Aruna, and was glad about Kompany. He also said he wants to do anything to keep his players in Brussels.

Also Johan Boskamp, former Anderlecht coach, came in the news again. Out of the teams of Anderlecht and Bruges, he formed a golden eleven. He chose 6 Bruges-players and 5 Anderlecht-players.
His golden team: Verlinden, De Cock, Kompany, Simons, Deschacht, Clement, Baseggio, Zetterberg, Van Der Heyden, Aruna and Mendoza.

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