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MONDAY, 29 OCTOBER 2001, 00:01 - Newssystem
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After the 1-5 defeat in the Champions League on Wednesday, Anderlecht have now also lost in the Belgian league. The Mauves were beaten by Standard with 1-0. Anderlecht started with Traore on the place of Doll in the defense.

The Nigerian striker Ode Thompson also got his chance.
The first half was predictable: lots of effort and hard duels, but almost no chances. The game was marked by a lack of creativity and the final pass mostly didn't reach the strikers. The best shot came from Crasson, who could should freely (from in the box) after a corner kick, but the bouncing ball went over the bar. Hasi let himself be noticed by a reckless action. With the foot forward he "flew" onto Walem.

The second half started with a small chance for Thompson. Ilic forced Fouhami to save his free kick. After 15 minutes, Goossens scored, but his goals was rightly not allowed because of offside. A few minutes later it happened anyway: after bad defensive work of Anderlecht, the ball got to Moreira, who pushed forward, (after a combination with Ernst) and he nicely shot into the goal. With Jestrovic and Seol in the team, Anderlecht tried to even the score, but without result.
It hasn't been since 1986 that Standard was able to beat Anderlecht at Sclessin (home stadium of Standard).

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