GBA deprives Anderlecht from winning the last stage

TUESDAY, 28 AUGUST 2001, 00:01 - Newssystem
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Anderlecht gave in the last stage of the game the victory to Germ. Beerschot.
A nice, English atmosphere in the stadium was able to stimulate the players, because from the beginning the match was worth while.

There were some forcings from both sides and intensive duels, only in the 16 meter there didn't happen too much.
The same picture the fans got after the break, but Anderlecht got more chances, that mostly Mornar didn't finish. Aruna did manage to kick the ball into the goal, but that goal was wrongly disallowed. But the hit came there anyway when Mornar headed and the ball (yes or no) went over the line.
After that the game got suspended due to the bad behaviour of the home supporters. When the game started again, GBA kept on coming and finally got passed in injury time.

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